Back to School

Being back on campus is slightly bizarre. I’ve forgotten what it feels like to see familiar faces and go through familiar motions. This summer has been so spontaneous and different than what my life typically is. I don’t know if I’m ready to settle back into a normal routine. I’ve been spending everyday driving to Ojai, a magical hippie town 2 hours north of LA, working on my album and finding myself as an artist. I fear that returning back to a school environment will cause me to loose some of that, just because I won’t be able to be there as often. Last semester, all my friends were abroad, it was shockingly nice. I had time to develop my identity independent of the friends I had previously made. I was in music classes and was able to focus on developing my craft. Now that everyone is back, I need to ensure that I prioritize time to work on my own goals. It’s stressing me out is that its senior year, I’m filled with conflict. I feel obligated to go out, simply for the sake that its my last year in college, yet I’d rather work on music since that is what I want to do once graduate. I feel like I want to take music classes or as many classes as I can, yet want to have the time to  actually work on music or be in the studio. Then again, I’m only in college once and thus will only have the opportunity to take whatever class I want to. Its unsettling… I imagine that my life even post-college will be filled with learning though and hope that I don’t just need a class to get an education. Isn’t that what life is about.. learning.


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