Friends birthday ended up being fun night all around. I also had a lot to do yesterday. I’m playing a gig called Brave Fest for a pretty big audience and am trying to put together my band for the show. Luckily I have some friends back home who I’ve ran into recently who are extremely talented musicians and willing to help me out, I’ve only seen them a couple times since. I set up a rehearsal at 5 in Malibu and basically talked out the logistics and they were exited about the music and the show which is pretty awesome. We got food at Sunlife after, pretty much the worlds healthiest store with the absolutely dankest acai bowls that I have been craving forever.   I pretty much need to get them every time I come home. The eating area around sunlife was literally where I spent everyday in high school, it felt weird being back and doing the same thing. When I left for college I kinda tried to disassociate myself from high school and where I was from. Coming home makes me realize how awesome of a place I grew up in and how great some of the people are.

Daniel and Luke, were both rehearsing for another show they were doing and asked me to join in. So basically from there we went to Daniel’s were I just got to chill and listen to them play. They are playing at a restaurant so they were doing covers of a lot of my favorite songs, aka anything by the Beatles, so I couldn’t not join in for a couple just to have some fun. I attached them playing Scar tissue by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It was good I went too cause I got to meet this really talented drummer who just graduated and is really nice. I asked him if he was interested in playing my show and he was, which was awesome. So hopefully everything comes together! :))

I think it will and that it will be great.

xx Sky


Jams <–Link to them playing


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