Last first day of school

I’ve never been able to sleep the night before the start of the school year. Something about not knowing what is yet to come keeps my mind wandering through the night.

Upon arising from bed this morning, I got ready, quickly put together an outfit and ate breakfast. Then it dawned on me, this is the last first day I have. Its scary yet also somewhat exciting. I texted my mom and she immediately said “enjoy it while you can, real problems are much harder than school problems”, which is true. However I’m looking forward to life after school, it doesn’t mean that I’m ready for it yet, but is anyone? At least its nice to know that I have gotten used to what its like to be in school and I can say I’ve done it. No longer do I face the crippling anxiety when it comes to the first day of school outfit, I still haven’t really settled on all my classes and definitely haven’t bought school supplies. I know the drill at this point and know I’ll be fine. I know that I will just be seeing my friends in class. Or maybe I won’t, and I am looking forward to the new people who enter my life this upcoming school year.

have to run to class :)

have to run to class 🙂




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