Music Video is OUT!

Music Video is finally out and up on youtube!!! Feels good to get it online, I’m really proud of  this one and think it better represents as an artist and as a person. My other music video is great (and you should definitely check it out – ) but this one feels more authentic and true to my character. I write all my songs and wanted to make a video that stayed true to the lyrics and the story. I came up with the concept and with the help of an amazing director, Rick Scott, I was able to make my vision a reality.

Ending a relationship is difficult no matter what the situation is. It’s natural to feel like theres a void in your life. We fall into patterns where we rely on someone for a love and support, its hard not to miss having them there.  However endings happen, but sometimes they aren’t based in a lack of love. Sometimes they end because each person needs to grow individually. The intent is that they will find a way back together but truth is there is no way to know. This shouldn’t discredit the past relationship and doesn’t make the transition easier, but sometimes it’s necessary to let things go and let time guide us.


xx Sky


stills from the shoot:

Music Video Unfamiliar ending

music video sky renee



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