I easily tell you what I’ve done this past week, the harder question to answer is what I took away from it. Essentially, time is linear, we move down a path that makes us unique. It shouldn’t matter what I’ve done but what I’ve learned from the experience. Each moment in time, only exists at that point. Our existence in that moment, shapes the world around us and shapes us as individual people.

After this first week of classes and attending FYF this past weekend, my mind feels awakened and more aware of the world that is around me. I’ve learned that its easy to live inside our own minds and be unaware of other individuals and their emotions and pains. It’s easily forgotten that other people have unique perspectives of their own and different things they take away from the world. The people we should surround ourselves by see the world in a similar way yet can bring different attitudes. This thus heightens are own perspective of the world and who we are as people.

I hear it over and over again that humans are social beings, and its true. We feed off one another. However people now spend so much time being caught in their own world and in their own mind that they don’t recognize how others feel. It’s so easy to get distracted by one’s own insecurity that we don’t realize other peoples feelings, thus causing us to loose grips with humanity.

I’m not saying that I don’t fall into that behavior. Ultimately, I have been living too much in my own head and have been too conscious of other peoples perception of me and who I “should” be. However, after being in writing classes and attending a music festival, my brain is beginning to think in a different way.  I recognize now that I haven’t fully lived in the moment as I can get too caught up in my own little world. I need to remember that even though I am an individual with my own world, I take part in a greater world, the one that we all inhabit.

We are all human.


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