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Sky Renee “Good as Gone”

Sky ReneeArtist:
HAZAN Records

There’s something inexplicably powerful about a great pop song. Whether it inspires you to get through your workout at the gym or makes you feel like a million bucks while you’re driving down the freeway with the stereo cranked and the windows wide open – the magic is undeniable and we can’t get enough of it. Enter: rising star, Sky Renee. The talented 19 year old singer/songwriter has been penning pop gems since she was in high school. Stunning, self assured and mildly defiant, the Malibu,California native has been singing all her life and has always relied on music to get through her own ups and downs in life and now she’s paying it forward with her gorgeously refreshing single/music video, “Good As Gone,” a tune that’s sure to light that fire within you.

Sky Renee studied voice with recording legend, Ron Anderson at a young age and through Anderson linked up with acclaimed music producers Eric Jackson and Storm, who turned out to be a perfect match for the singer. The duo have played a pivotal role in helping her hone her craft as an artist and subsequently create her best work to date. “Good As Gone” is the first shining example of their labor of love and it’s been gaining significant attention across the music industry, earning Sky a spot as an “Artist To Watch” in 2016. A heartening mix of radio-ready pop vibes a la Kelly Clarkson and edgy/underground Danish singer MØ, the new song features pristine production, soaring vocals, and completely relatable lyrics. In other words, make room on those summer playlists because you need this in your life.

The song focuses on a moment in life that most of us are familiar with – that moment in a longterm relationship when you realize that it’s time to seriously reassess your situation with your partner. “Do you really know what’s right? Right for me? What if I disagree. How about what I believe. Oh no. You don’t wanna mess with me.” Oftentimes we end up putting so much time and energy into our “other half” that we tend to completely lose focus on what’s ultimately most important, ourselves. Perfectly healthy relationships often slowly become unhealthy over time and in Skylar’s case, she’s hitting the eject button. “I need a change of scenery. Break that chain. It’s time to be MIA. Don’t hate. Done with all the games. Freedom’s gonna be my new last name.”  The gorgeous Tony Minas-directed music video is predominantly shot in black and white and features Skylar with the beautiful California landscape as the backdrop as she makes her case for leaving her man, singing her heart out to the camera. It’s a perfect visual counterpart to a perfect pop song.


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