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Skylar Renee is Making News

by Julie Wallach

Skylar Renee is making news. At the young age of nineteen, Skylar’s debut pop single “Good as Gone” has generated a remarkable following on YouTube, with almost 150,000 views in its first month, and was rated the number 2 pop song in Malibu on Reverbnation.

Skylar started studying with recording industry legend Ron Anderson and dedicatedsky renee all of her free time to singing since the age of 10. Through Anderson, Skylar connected with producer/songwriter Eric Jackson and Storm. “Good as Gone” proves their work together to be a magical collaboration.

The single, with a blend of pop and singer-songwriter lyrics, played on 102.3 FM KJLH Radio and received positive accolades and praise. Fans of the song say, “You will be huge!” and “This song is killer and the video—major label quality.” While she has her own sound, Skylar was compared to Lorde, which Skylar considers an enormous compliment.

Tony Minas, a film director and photographer who works in the fashion and music industries, directed the video for “Good as Gone.” Tony said it was a pleasure working with Skylar.

A Malibu native, Skylar has an affinity for nature, which is a source of inspiration for her. Music is a spiritual outlet to her, and she feels connected to others and herself most deeply when she is engaged in songwriting, playing and performing. With an Sky Reneeear for melody and a heart filled with lyrics, Skylar writes her own music and songs. Eric, Storm and Skylar are currently working on a new single, which will be released in the coming month.

As dedicated as she is to music, Skylar is also serious about academics. As a full-time student at the University of Southern California, Skylar’s deep motivation, drive and focus puts her on a trajectory toward success.



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