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This weekend was truly incredible, filled with good people and good music. It all started Weds when one of my friends Michelle contacted me saying she was throwing a small intimate event sponsored by Lokbox Sessions and Silverlake sessions and asked me to perform. I figured I could do a couple songs and accompany myself but I wanted some percussion. One of my friends Drew, who is also a musician, had just reached out to me about getting together so I immediately asked if he could play the bongos or box drum. He could! So, the next day I went to Guitar Center and perhaps made the greatest purchase of my life. In reality, I was going for a sustain pedal and was perhaps gonna check out if they sold some cheaper percussion instruments but I found them and fell in love with the cajon. For anyone who doesn’t know the cajon is a box drum that can mimic all the sounds of a drum kit but is easily portable. I proceeded to spend the next 2 hours testing all of them and drumming til I found the right one and I realized I had to make the purchase.

For the show I remembered this one song I had forgotten about and I decided to finish writing it so I could perform it on Sat (called “forget” coincidentally) and was set on playing the cajon for the show. I also decided to perform “take me away” and “mirror”. All new songs I have written all by myself and currently am working on recording in the studio.

The next few days were filled with a little practicing and a couple concerts. Thurs night I went to an event called “Steez Fest” at the Novo put together by Pro Era, a hip hop collective featuring Joey Bada$$, who has recently become one of my favorite rappers. The show was insanity, they kept bringing out different rappers who were all incredible. Some names were Danny Brown, ASAP Mob, Kirk Knight and CJ Fly. Despite some exhaustion I told myself I had to stay til Joey came out, wasn’t til 2am…but was well worth it.

The next evening I went to another concert my friend told me about that I was not expecting to be as magical as it was. I bought the tickets about a month ago for so cheap and was considering bailing but something within me told me I had to go. Truth is I can’t ever say no to a concert. The name of the group was De Lux and it was at the Echoplex. First off, we walk in and happen to stumble on a group of like 20 of our friends who made the last minute decision to go. Which started the night pretty amazingly. Then the band starts playing and my mind is blown by their musicianship. I would say their genre was groovy electro, however they featured an entire band and every single member was on point. I would spend so much time being mesmerized by the bass player, then the drummer, then the keyboardist..you get the point. Think it was the first concert I’ve truly been too where there was a clear cohesiveness between all the members of the band. It allowed for the singer to truly perform and he blew me away. All together one of the greatest shows I’ve seen. Crazy how when we least expect it, life can surprise us.

The next day was the day of the show, I ran errands and practiced a little but honestly had no clue what to expect. Figured it would just be a cool group of LA creatives gathering to listen to good music. Which was exactly what it was… We arrive there and see this backyard with a taco stand, small bar and a nice stage calmly lit with hanging lights. There was a fire-pit for smores and the seating was porch seats, it was one of the greatest settings for a show. Each artist was incredible and performing was truly an experience. I forgot how much I love being in front of people performing and it truly felt like I was being embraced by this crowd of loving and sweet people. One of the songs I sang, “mirror” is about mental health and confidence issues and it was the first time I talked about it to a larger audience. After the show, so many people came up to me to talk about it and truly valued the song. Its so important to use art to spread messages about the world and it was nice to know that it was well received. Later in the show a musician named Dave Yaden performed a spoken word over some keyboard that truly blew me away. He spoke about all the problems in the world and that it is up to us to maintain our individuality and to spread messages through art. It blows my mind how messed up the world can be and it is important for individuals to see the problems with our society and spread positivity and change…I hope I can do that with my music.


xx Sky

Steez Fest at the Novo, Pro Era-sky renee

Steez Fest at the Novo, Joey Bada$$

Music news with sky renee

De Lux at the Echoplex



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